Egg tray

E. Pulp thermoforming macine

For molded pulp products, egg tray, super market tray, kidney bowl, bedpan, lunch box, dish, packaging for electonic equpment, fruits wines and disposable tableware or any samples you provide, etc.
Superiority of excellent equipment
system planning of full set of equipment( forming system, heat pressing system, molding system and raw material supplying system) all are advanced technic combination in the world.
All are computer controlled by changing parameters from material supply ratio, thermo energy control, machine running, production cycle to product’s weight and convenient.
All are automated production from material supply to finished products, one operator

Specification of 3 heads thermoforming machine

  1. Machine dimension l: 7600mm by w: 2250mm by h: 3700mm, weight: 16,000kg (35,274lb) direct hot press technology, no drying oven required
  2. Construction material: high strength carbon steel with heat treatment is for structure
  3. Stainless steel for all wetted part
  4. Effective molding area l: 1500mm by w: 900mm by h: 150mm
  5. Horizontal travel length: 1750mm; vertical travel length: 380mm
  6. One movable lower forming platen driven by inverter motor
  7. Three connected upper movable platen with 2 dimensional directions driven by servo motor
  8. Two lower vertical movement pressing platen driven by hydraulic pump
  9. 1st hot press force: 18 tons, 2nd hot press force: 35 tons
  10. Automatic two water bars cleaning mechanism for deckle ring edge wash and mesh cleaning. Water pressure: 3 bar for wash; 15-20 bar for mesh cleaning
  11. One forming tank recirculation pump
  12. Tft touch-panel user interface with integrated control panel
  13. Average pulp consumption: 75kg/hr (it depends on the characteristic of product)
  14. Heating element: heater cartridges by electricity
  15. Equipped with special cooling system designed preventing from thermo-expansion of based plate
  16. Stable air tanks for forming platen and pressing platen
  17. Control components:
  18. Ab / siemens
  19. All pneumatic parts: festo (german) hydraulic unit: yuken (japan)
  20. Servo motor / hmi / plc control: allen-bradley with remote trouble shooting via internet
  21. Electrical parts: ab, siemens
  22. Additional fence guarding, safety relay, stop and emergency stop button
  23. Reliability: one year warranty against all wear parts
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