Shrink wrapping

C9B. Shrink packing machine for Toilet paper/ Kitchen towel and maxi roll (J.R.T)

Shrink Wrapping is a process that involves the application of temperature sensitive films. When heat is applied to the film it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering. Shrink wrapping equipment is available for a variety of product sizes and in both automatic and semi-automatic formats

1. Packing size:
    A. DIA. 150 ~ 220 X 100~ 2000 (L) MM ; 1X1= 1ROLL/ PACK
    B. DIA. 150 ~ 220 X 100 ~ 2000 (L) MM; 1X2= 2 ROLL/ PACK (or ask customer's requiremnet)
2. Capciyt: 1-12 PPM PE fim /1 -14 PPM POF film
3. Available packing material: PF and PE FILM
4. Shrink tunel: 1500 X 600 X 350 MM
5. Use roller converyor
6. Conveyor speed adjustable
7.Tunnel temperature adjustable
8. Options print registration (Magic eyes)
9. Selaing blades and their proctction plates blinded by teflon tape for sealing  PE film


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