Stretch wrapping

C12. Stretch wrapping machine

Stretch Wrapping Machine are the last stage of the packaging process. To ensure that your goods stay in place and clean during shipment. There are many forms from simple pallet wrapping tools, to semi-automatic machines, and on to fully automatic machines that can index the pallet into position, wrap it, and move it on to a shipping area of storage.
The stretch film carriage is equipped with hinged drive, for smooth vertical movement. Speed is adjustable.
Turntable of stretch wrapping machine is equipped with hinged drive, for stable turning during pallet loading. Speed is adjustable.
Motor speed is controlled by inverter. It makes the machine running steadily and smoothly.
Two-dent design at the bottom of the turntable and it makes the forklift easily move the machine.
While carrying, the pole can be laid directly without dismantling. Save time and prevent the mistakes that may happen while installation.
The photoelectric cell of stretch wrapping machine can read the pallet height automatically. It is easy operating.
Electromagnetic brake device can adjust the tension of stretch film unlimited.
Pre-stretch System is optional. The purpose is to save the film material.
The turntable starts and stops rotation gently, and it guarantees products' safety.
The operator can choose manual or auto operation mode.
The bottom of stretch film rack has safety limit switch.

1. The table diameter: 1500 mm
2. Turn table speed: 10 rotation per minute.
3. Film width: up to 500 mm/ film thickness: 12-35 microns  
4. Film reel core diameter: max. 350 mm film roll core diameter: 76 mm
5.Film turning speed: (fast) 300 mm/ rotation
6. Film turning speed: (slow) 200 mm/ rotation

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