CPP Wrapping

C4. Automatic wrapping machine for napkin

Fully Automatic Overwrapping Type, Plastic film double-side folded seal for tissue paper and Hand towel, the
Sealing method by electric heating ,high accuracy mechanical cam system, control system by PLC/ HMI /servo motor

1. Packing material: CPP FILM, filem thickness 25-35 u

2. Packaging one size needs one mold.

3. One machine is equipped with two mold sizes, ther is extra charge if you need more than twl sizes.

4. Standard packing size raange
    L: 120 MM ~220 MM (Tolerance is only  +/- 1 mm)
    W. 95 MM ~ 150 MM (Tolerance is only +/- 2 mm)
    H. 40 MM ~ 100 MM (Tolerance is only  +/- 5 mm)

5. The speed is  30-50 / Per min. (Accroding to the paper and film quolity)

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