Tissue paper / Hand Towel cutting

B1B. Logsaw cutting machine for tissue paper/ V fold / Z fold hand towel (Two lines in put)

The Log saw cutting machine, can be loading and cutting the tissue paper and Hand towel automatically without the operator. This unit, other than creating premium toilet rolls with a pulling Also it will be automatically shift the logs towards the cutting station! It is computer servo control, precisely control adjust various sizes and net edge from every single cut.
Sharp annular saw with automated self- polishing, solid mechanical structure, stable & durable operation, built in log saw blade design, ensure the maximum safety operations.

1. Paper lenth: 90- 2000 MM
2. Paper with : 70-250 MM
3. Capacity: 100 -130 cuts/ Per Min.
4. Cutting length: 100-300 MM
5. Two lines input.
6. Conveyor 2.5 meter length.
7. Suitable for Tissue paper, V fold hand towel and Z fold hand towel.

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